Ultrasuede® Innovative Designs For Aviation

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  • Oman Air A330 Business Class
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    Ultrasuede® Innovative Designs For Aviation

    Our innovative custom processes offer extraordinary decorating results without compromising the quality and durability of the product. These processes transform Ultrasuede® to fulfill your design vision. The many capabilities we now offer allow customers to control multiple colors and detail, and give designers an open canvas with which to work.

    Resin Print...creating a pattern passing clear resin through a screen

    Dye Print...creating a pattern passing dye through a screen

    Laser...creating a pattern using an electronic laser to etch out the design

    Dye Sublimation...creating a pattern using paper transfer with heat

    Pinsonic...creating a pattern using an ultrasonic vibration method with engraved rolls

    Embossed...creating a molded pattern using engraved roller and heat

    Contact us to request a brochure. Below are just some examples of the unlimited creative possibilities that these processes can offer.


Resin Print - Aniline
Resin Print - Herringbone
Dye Print - Clouds
Dye Print - Herringbone
Laser - Wood
Laser - Triangles
Dye Sublimation - Marble
Dye Sublimation - Maze
Pinsonic - Small Diamond
Pinsonic - Big Diamond
Embossed - Herringbone
Embossed - Small Square

Disclaimer: Website swatch images are for reference only. Please note that the colors depicted for each product/color swatch may vary due to printer and monitor variations. Please request a physical sample or cutting to receive a true color representation prior to placing an order.