Ultrafabrics® is a premium portfolio of polyurethane high-performance fabrics, ideally suited for aircraft settings that require the look and feel of leather, but need a more durable and practical alternative. PVC free and designed for longevity, Ultraleather is ideal for a variety of uses including high wear applications, while offering a soft and supple hand. Learn about Takumi™ Technology, the crafted intelligence behind Ultraleather.


Revolutionary in the world of seating fabrics, PromessaAV was borne out of the well-established Ultrafabrics® brand but takes things to the next level using an exclusive, proprietary backcloth which …

Promessa®AV Apex | Tottori | Reef Pro

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Ultraleather® 9 Series

The Ultraleather® 9-Series is one of Tapis' most technologically advanced breakthroughs, designed from the ground up to comply with the complex requirements of materials used in vertical surfaces in …

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Volar Bio

A hybrid by design, Ultraleather Volar Bio is the first of its kind and signifies a new direction for Ultrafabrics. Committed to reducing the dependency on finite resources, Volar Bio incorporates renewable plant-based materials into the multiple layers of its proprietary construction.

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Ultraleather Collection®

The Ultraleather Collection® was created with the goal of changing expectations for what performance fabrics can be, do and feel like, which is why it sits comfortably atop the A-list in the …

Ultraleather | Ultraleather Cora | Ultraleather Matte Vincenza | Ultraleather Pro | Ultraleather Promessa® | Ultraleather Geom

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Brisa® Collection

The Brisa® Collection is designed, engineered and handcrafted with unrivaled softness, beauty, and durability in mind. The only breathable performance fabric in its class, the Brisa® Collection …

Brisa® Original | Brisa® Distressed | Brisa® Bolero | Brisa® Fresco | Brisa® Mokume | Ultraleather Contour

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Elite Collection

The Ultraleather Elite Collection features 7 appealing patterns: Buffalino, Hammered, Raffia, Vienna, Fusion, Linen and Viva - with the same enduring functionality attributes renowned to …

Hammered | Buffalino | Raffia | Vienna | Linen | Fusion

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Ultratech® Collection

The Ultratech® Collection combines state-of-the-art performance with a sensory experience unmatched by any material before it. This collection features a proprietary molecular structure and …

Dwell | Eco Tech | Helix | Cove | Ultratech | Wired

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