Ultratech® Collection

The Ultratech® Collection combines state-of-the-art performance with a sensory experience unmatched by any material before it. This collection features a proprietary molecular structure and exclusive pigment systems that combine to deliver uniquely refined matte finishes. Tailoring easily, this futuristic surface makes a unique statement in aviation interior applications.


Dwell’s modern texture, uniquely refined matte finish and advanced performance will exceed expectations. Durable and easy to maintain, Dwell’s subtle geometric pattern incorporates a mix of fresh …

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Eco Tech

Eco Tech makes a striking statement. Featuring a unique matte finish unlike any other polyurethane. A sophisticated color palette adds to the allure and results in a collection of future-focused, sensorial fabrics.

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Helix introduces the next generation of intelligent performance fabrics with bar-raising sensorial sophistication. Helix’s distinctly dimensional geometric texture highlights a new type of surface …

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Cove brings to life a beautifully micro-beaded texture highlighted by an impressively bold palette. It delivers a uniquely refined matte finish and richly saturated colors beyond traditional …

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Ultratech features proprietary molecular structures and exclusive pigments systems, that combine to deliver uniquely refined matte finishes with one-of-a-kind depth and texture and a futuristic level of tactile appeal and softness that must be felt to be believed.

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Introducing Wired, the newest collection in the Ultratech™ family. Featuring a pattern inspired by technology, Wired highlights a unique hand and matte finish that makes a dramatic …

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