Elite Collection

The Ultraleather Elite Collection features 7 appealing patterns: Buffalino, Hammered, Raffia, Vienna, Fusion, Linen and Viva - with the same enduring functionality attributes renowned to Ultraleather, including light weight efficiency, cruelty-free construction, and easy care.


Versatile by design, Hammered imparts a dimensional honeycomb aesthetic with subtle surface interest.

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A transitional choice, Buffalino features natural tone-on-tone colorations for an authentic leather appeal.

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Delivering modern carbon-fiber patterning, Raffia is highlighted by a unique prismatic affect for added textural allure.

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Vienna is an ideal choice when the desired effect is that of true modern luxury. It has a sharp and dynamic look that combines glamour and impeccable refinement. Vienna is sumptuous in feel and …

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Ultraleather Linen features a harmonious combination of subtle linear patterning layered on a lustrous, linen ground. Naturally bonded with EPA-registered antimicrobial protection, this timeless texture will add a touch of understated elegance to a wide array of applications.

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Ultraleather Fusion feels every bit as revolutionary as it looks...a smooth, microfiber-like grain, infused with EPA-registered antimicrobial protection. Both modern and spare, this surface takes on …

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