Brisa® Collection

The Brisa® Collection is designed, engineered and handcrafted with unrivaled softness, beauty, and durability in mind. The only breathable performance fabric in its class, the Brisa® Collection elevates seating comfort and also provides sound absorption properties in vertical applications.

Performance advantages:

Lightweight • Comfort control • Ease of care • Softness • Superior durability • Breathability

Brisa® Original

Brisa Original offers an enhanced construction, taking it to the next level in upholstered seating! Featuring a blended backcloth specifically designed for seating, Brisa’s high performance offers excellent breathability and outstanding comfort. Sound absorption properties are an added benefit.

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Brisa® Distressed

Brisa Distressed highlights a relaxed rustic appeal that is complemented by an authentic palette of patina-inspired natural tones. Newly enhanced, Brisa Distressed delivers increased performance, sound absorption, durability and incredible softness.

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Brisa® Bolero

Brisa Bolero is the new standard for sound absorption and breathability. Independent testing shows that Bolero outperforms fabrics and genuine leather in sound absorption. This luxury fabric boasts improved low and mid frequency absorption, significantly reducing cabin noise.

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Brisa® Fresco

Combining style and functionality, Brisa Fresco features a striking texture that is brought to life with a modern color palette that pops. Like all Brisa styles, Fresco is naturally engineered with our proprietary breathable technology for added comfort, softness and sound absorbing properties. Fresco also includes an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent and an enhanced construction for upholstered seating

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Brisa® Mokume

Introducing Mokume - an innovative member of the Brisa® family of intelligent performance fabrics. Blending distinctive performance attributes and unbeatable softness well-known to Brisa®, Mokume's texture appeal is highlighted by an earthy palette of fourteen hues, adding a natural touch to any environment.

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Ultraleather Contour

Ultraleather Contour stretch features breathable technology that enhances acoustical properties. As with other all Ultraleather products, Contour is engineered with top quality composition including …

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