Science of Ultrasuede

The Science of Ultrasuede

The magic of Ultrasuede® begins with ultra-microfibers so fine they cannot be seen by the human eye, ultra-microfibers so microscopically minute a single pound of them could be stretched from the earth to the moon... and back.

Transforming ultra-microfibers this fine into a practical fabric demands a complex, multipatented process, part of which is summarized in the illustrations shown here.

Ultrasuede® begins with polymer ultra-microfibers spun so light and fine, a strand measuring more than 50 miles long would weigh less than a gram.

These ultra-microfibers are extruded through protective spinnerets, creating what we call the "Islands in the Sea" configuration, with ultra-microfiber filaments "afloat" in each strand.

These strands are then transformed via a complex process that includes ironing, curling, cutting and needle-punching into a soft, felt-like material that is then impregnated with a special adhesive binder.

Once the material is formed, the protective polymer coating is dissolved with a solvent and the material is further processed to create a fabric that is, almost paradoxically, as soft and supple as it is strong and durable. Magnified thousands of times, this cross-section reveals the densely complex yet mono-layer structure of Ultrasuede®.

The end result: Ultrasuede®, a richly complex non-woven fabric offering an unparalleled combination of luxury, appeal, performance and ease of care for an extraordinary array of applications.